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Nigel Feldman

North London

"Really happy with my progress under Nim. I come from a classic music background, having played the flute to post grade 8 level and in national level youth orchestras in the UK. Nim has helped me develop practically, but also explained the theoretical side of modes and finger postions very well. I find Nim very relaxed and patient, yet he stretches and pushes me in a constructive way, I'm satisfied with my playing and will continue to learn under Nim, Highly recommended. Nigel Feldman.“



North London

"I have been having lessons with Nim for a few months now, very impressed with his teaching style and his playing! I've been playing for around 20 years and had many teachers including bass institute, private, various courses, internet courses. Nim is certainly the best teacher I've had. He is a proper jazzer, he has the most worn out copy of the Real Book I have seen. Every lesson I learn something that is useful for my playing and practice schedule. Would certainly recommend him to all levels of bassists."


Steve Wilkinson

West London

"Although I have temporary suspended my bass playing to concentrate on piano, I thoroughly enjoyed my time with Nim - he is "a good teacher, patient and careful, keen to help you learn to play the style you want to. I would also recommend to go and see him play live - this in itself inspired me a lot, not to mention it was a great evening's entertainment!"


Nimrod Gileadi

South London

"I've been learning bass from Nim for the last 3 months or so, after a few years of playing the guitar. Nim's approach to teaching really focuses on the creative side of bass playing. So if you're interested in moving beyond playing along to songs, and onto creating your own style and writing your own music, Nim is your man."


James Elliott

Notting Hill, London

"I've been having lessons with Nim for over six months now. I find the lessons enjoyable and very productive. His passion for bass and music in general has really enabled me to move forward with my playing.


Felix Alonso

Central London

"After 20y playing bass, I really wanted to go back to the roots and start learning all I didn't: scales, arpeggios, music theory ...
I've been attending Nim's lessons for about 2 months and it's amazing the way he teaches you how to unleash your playing, how to explore fretboard with both musical principles and creativity.



45 North View Road N8 7LN


07576 289786

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