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What i teach and why


The hardest thing in music is to practice, I will teach you what to practice,  how to practice and how to create your own practice routine. i will also provid you backing tracks to practice with so you will improve your bass skills and reach your goals in the shortest amount of time.

I will make sure that you're playing correctly, that you're holding your bass guitar correctly and that you know how to use both hands in the right way in order to avoid bad habits, good technique is good sound, rhythm, how to play effortlessly, how to read, write and of course how to play fast.


I go through the basics with all of my bass students, Many times a new advanced bass student will come for his first bass lesson with serious bad habits that will take more work then with a new beginner bass student.

I know that in order for you to understand music in any style you need to know music theory, music theory is the 'rules' in music if you like.

What scales/chords can i use over any chord, in other words what are the right notes, The rest is up to your imagination and taste.


Please have a look below on the list of what i teach in my bass lessons for the beginner, intermediate and advanced bass players. 

If you're after somthing specific like a song you want or need to learn, how to play slap bass, to work on your rhythm, to be prepared for audition,/recording i can help you. Please say what you after when contacting me.







Chords/Arpeggios 1 and 2 Octaves -

Triads - major,minor,aug,dim,sus2,sus4

Spet chords -Xmaj7, X7, Xm7, Xm7b5(half dim)


Scales  1 and 2 Octave -

Pentatonic scales - major,minor,blues

The Modes -Ionian, Dorian, Phrygian, Lydian, Mixolidian, Aeolian, Locrian.


Intervals over the scales (one Octave) - 

3rds,4ths,5ths,6th,7th,octaves,9th and 10th,


Patterns over the scales (one Octave) -

3 notes pattern, 4 notes pattern. Forward,

Backwords and '1 and 1'.  


Techniques -

Pick, finger style, Beginners slap bass, thumb (Reggae),


Songs/Bass lines/Groove -

I will teach you how to play your favorite songs,

how to play your favorite bass lines, how to create your own bass lines and how to groove. 


Soloing -

Soloing over a static chord, soloing over bluse, soloing over chord changes in the same key.


Chords on the bass - 

Major/Minor Tridas - X, Xm

Xmaj7, X7, Xm, Xm6, Xmb6.


Basic chart reading, Basic reading -

Any musician should be able to read music and charts on a basic level.

circle of 5th and 4th, Whole, half, quarter notes and eighth notes, rests.

Chords/Arpeggios 1 and 2 Octaves -

Inversions for Triads and sept chords

Extended arpeggios - add 9,11,13

Xdim, Xalt, Xmaj7#11, Xm7b9, Xm7b13, 

Xm7b5 b9,b13 X7sus4, X7sus2.


Scales  1 and 2 and a half Octaves -

The Modes -Ionian, Dorian, Phrygian, Lydian, Mixolidian, Aeolian, Locrian.

Pentatonic scales - major,minor,blues (5 positions), 


Symmetric scales -

Whole tone scale, Half/whole Diminshed scale, Whole/half Diminshed scale,


Intervales over the scales (Two Octaves) - 

3rds,4ths,5ths,6th,7th,octaves,9th and 10th,


Patterns over the scales (Two Octaves) -

3 notes pattern, 4 notes pattern. 5 notes pattern, 6 notes pattern Forward, Backwords and '1 and 1'.  


Techniques -

Advanced mute 'Finger style', Advanced bass slap, Advanced thumb playing, Tapping, haromics and false Harmonics.


Songs/Bass lines/Groove/Solo -

Bass pieces, From bach to Jaco, 

Bass solos, Bass lines.


Chords on the bass - 

Inversions as chords -Major/Minor Tridas

Inversions as chords - Sept chords.


Jazz -

Walking bass lines, 2-5-1, approach notes, Advanced chart reading, Soloing over changes, melodies, transcribing.


Advanced chart reading, Advanced reading -

Advanced chart reading, 

Triplets, 16th and 32th. Dotted notes

Scales  1 and 2 and a half Octaves -

Melodic minor, Lydian b7, Alterd,

Bebop scales, 


Advanced jazz -

advance jazz harmony, advanced walking 

bass lines, modern jazz, jazz history, chord substitution.

Rhythms and Styles -

Middle eastern rhythms, Afrobeat, 

Progressive rock. south american, Latin music.

Gypsy music.

Learn odd time signatures - 5/4, 6/4, 7/4, 9/4, 

10/4 etc. 5/8, 7/8, 9/8, 10/8, 11/8 etc...



Music programs, learn to compose beats, learn to write songs, bass lines, use of effects.


Bass Tutor -

Learn to be a bass tutor, learn how to teach 

beginner bass student, Intermediate bass students

and advanced bass students.

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