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As a Bass Player

Nim Sadot has been playing the bass from the age of 12.

At the age of 20 he moved to the USA where he was a touring successful session musician 

in the west coast supporting various artists and bands. In 2003 he moved back where he supported some of the best musicians and pop artists playing on various shows. Nim then moved to push his career further to London in 2007 where he  participatesin various established combinations, so far he has been part of the house band at Ronnie Scott's (Upstairs), and been playing in the London Jazz Festival with some of the top names in the jazz and Pop world, Harvey Mason (USA)Makoto Kuriya (Japan), Snow Boy (UK), MARLENE (Sony Japan, 5 gold Records !!!), Tony Lakatos (Hungary) and many more.

To this day he is a sought after session musician and bass tutor. and records for various different bands/artists all around the UK,

As a Bass Tutor 

As a bass tutor, In the past 27 years of private bass lessons in various schools I have taught bass to over 350 students of varying ages and abilities (absolute beginner to advance), from 6 year old children to adults, I have also worked as a full time/part time bass tutor in 5 different schools for children of the age of 6 to adults of the age of 73

I have also worked as a part time bass teacher in a boarding school for kids with special needs,

At the moment i have 3 students from famous bands :))

Nim Sadot

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