Session Bass Player

I'm  available for live sessions, studio sessions, gigs and touring.  Most Styles : Genres and idioms covers.

Please e-mail me with details of what you need and i will give 

you my prices.


I can provide top quality bass tracks online or in a live studio setting for

affordable price, I can preform your bass line or come up with my own.

I can provide you with a fretted bass track, Fretless bass track or a Contrabass track.


I've been recording for different bands and artists over the last 20 years, 

I cover different styles from Pop, Rock, Hip-Hop, Funk, Punk, Fusion, Jazz, Folk, 

Progressive, Latin, Ska and reggae.

My Gear

Logic X with hundreds of plugins 

RME interface 

Tannoy monitors 

1978 Fender Jazz Bass

1991 MusicMan Stingray with 70' pickup

1990 Pedulla MVP Fretless

Ibanez SDG

No name Tele bass 

Contrabass with David Gage realist lifeline 

Shure SM57

GK RB800

GK 410 Cabinet

GX Backline 112 

Boss GT10b Effect Processor 

SansAmp Tech 21*NYC DI 

Various effect pedals 


If you are a band, solo artist or musicians that in need for a dep bassist to perform in support of live events in London or UK .

I'm a professional bassist/composer with my own unique style and industry standard gear who can adapt to different styles of music and situations. 

Dep Bassist




Top quality 1 on 1 Bass Lessons By Nim Sadot

Mobile - 075 762 89786

Phone - 020 762 45787 


Nightingale Lane, Hornsey, London N8 7RA, UK

Monday to Friday :  9am -10pm

Saturday : 10am - 7pm

Two x 60 minutes Bass Lesssons                   For Only  £70  !!!  

The 2nd lesson must be taken within one week of the 1st lesson.


Limited spaces available :))

Offer ends 30/04/2021, Both lessons are online or at my studio, Offer is for new students only :))

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