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Returning to play your bass ? you're in the right place !!!

October 23, 2017


How to learn the bass guitar ? Bass Lessons in F...

October 2, 2017

Bass Lessons in Finsbury Park, bass tutor in finsb...

August 3, 2017

Best way of learning the bass ?", "What&...

August 3, 2017


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"How to get good at bass guitar fast?



Bass tutor in Camden

Bass Bass tutor in Camden Bass Camden Bass Guitar

Bass Camden

Bass Guitar tutor in Holland Park

Bass Kilburn

Bass Lessons NW1

Bass Lessons NW2

Bass Lessons NW3

Bass Lessons NW4

Bass Lessons NW5

Bass Lessons W1

Bass Lessons W2

Bass Notting Hilll

Bass Teacher in Kilburn

Bass Tutor EC1

Bass Tutor EC2

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Bass Tutor EC4

Bass Tutor EC5

Bass Tutor EC6

Bass Tutor EC7

Bass Tutor EC8

Bass Tutor N1

Bass Tutor N10

Bass Tutor N2

Bass Tutor N3

Bass Tutor N4

Bass Tutor N5

Bass Tutor N6

Bass Tutor N7

Bass Tutor N8

Bass Tutor N9

Bass Tutor NW1

Bass Tutor NW10

Bass Tutor NW11

Bass Tutor NW2

Bass Tutor NW3

Bass Tutor NW4

Bass Tutor NW5

Bass Tutor NW6

Bass Tutor NW7

Bass Tutor NW8

Bass Tutor NW8Bass Tutor NW9

Bass Tutor S1

Bass Tutor S2

Bass Tutor S3

Bass Tutor SW1

Bass Tutor SW2

Bass Tutor SW3

Bass Tutor SW4

Bass Tutor SW5

Bass Tutor SW6

Bass Tutor SW7

Bass Tutor SW8

Bass Tutor SW9

Bass Tutor W1

Bass Tutor W10

Bass Tutor W11

Bass Tutor W12

Bass Tutor W2

Bass Tutor W3

Bass Tutor W4

Bass Tutor W5

Bass Tutor W6

Bass Tutor W7

Bass Tutor W8

Bass Tutor W9

Bass Tutor in Kilburn

Bass Tutor in North London

Bass Tutor in South London

Bass Tutor in West London

Bass guitar Camden

Bass guitar Tutor in Notting Hill

Bass guitar lessons in Camden

Bass guitar lessons Camden

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Bass guitar lessons Queens Parka

Bass guitar lessons in Camden

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Bass guitar teacher in Camden

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Bass guitar teacher North London

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Bass guitar teacher in Camden

Bass guitar teacher in Holland Park

Bass guitar teacher in Notting hill

Bass guitar tutor Camden

Bass guitar tutor in Camden

Bass guitar tutor in Holland Park

Bass lessons E1

Bass lessons E2

Bass lessons E3

Bass lessons E4

Bass lessons E5

Bass lessons E6

Bass lessons E7

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Bass lessons EC1

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Bass lessons N1

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Bass lessons NW1

Bass lessons NW10

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Bass lessons Queens Park

Bass lessons SW1

Bass lessons SW2

Bass lessons SW3

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Bass lessons SW7

Bass lessons SW8

Bass lessons SW9

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Bass lessons in Camden

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Bass teacher in Camden

Bass teacher in Holland park

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Bass tutor in Camden

Bass tutor in Holland Park

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Best way of learning the bass ?

Best way to teach myself bass guitar at home?



How to play the bass

Learn the bass



Slap bass


What is the best approach to learn how to play bas

What's the best way to learn to play bass guitar?


bass guitar lesson

bass guitar lessons

bass guitar lessons in London

bass guitar teacher

bass guitar tutor

bass guitar tutor in London

bass lessons

bass lessons NW6

bass lessons in london

bass teacher

bass teacher North London

bass teacher in Notting Hill

bass teacher south London

bass tutor

how to play the bass guitar

i want to learn bass guitar where do i start?

learn the bass guitar

learn to play bass guitar for beginners

learn to play the bass

learn to play the bass guitar

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Top quality 1 on 1 Bass Lessons By Nim Sadot

Mobile - 075 762 89786

Phone - 020 762 45787 


103 Fairfax Rd, Haringey, London N8 0NJ, UK

Monday to Friday :  9am -10pm

Saturday : 10am - 7pm

Two x 60 minutes Bass Lesssons                   For Only  £70  !!!  

The 2nd lesson must be taken within one week of the 1st lesson.


Limited spaces available :))

Offer ends 30/09/2020, Both lessons are at my studio, Offer is for new students only :))

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